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Everything about this gorgeous B&B on the remote island of Saboga exceeded our expectations. Our accommodations were spacious, immaculately clean, beautifully furnished and tastefully decorated. It's built into the side of a hill with steps right down to the beach with stunning views. From the decks (and your room), you've got spectacular views over the Pacific. It's just a short walk to the island's only restaurant & beach club. In fact Saboga's only village and all of its beaches are within easy walking distance from this location. Our hosts, Lee & Jennifer, were remarkably committed to ensuring we had the best possible Saboga experience. Even before we booked, they offered lots of information to help with our planning. They were very patient...we had lots of logistical questions and they simplified things tremendously. Once we were there, they went out of their way to help us find the best beaches for shelling, the best place to rent a sailboat/paddle board/kayak, you name it. If you're into really getting away from it all and exploring the most remote, pristine beaches you may ever see, Lee & Jennifer will help you have your best-ever vacation here.

Sarah L. - 2016